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Our Collections

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Archival Collection

Extending back to Haskell's establishment in 1884 as the United States Indian Industrial Training School at Lawrence, Kansas, the Haskell Cultural Center and Museum's archival collections consists of thousands of documents, photographs, and film footage related to the school's history.


Art Collection

Consisting of works by both well-known Native American artists and Haskell students, the art collection at the Haskell Cultural Center and Museum stands as a beautiful testament to the cultural diversity of the tribal nations represented and the talented artists these nations produce.


Artifact Collection

The collection ranges from priceless original objects to mass-produced replicas and are essential in preserving and sharing Haskell's history. The objects in this collection are considered valuable and irreplaceable. 

In Winter, Kiowa [1898] 1.TI.211_edited.

Frank Rinehart Collection

The work of Frank Rinehart, while not as well known as that of Edward Curtis, is widely recognized as some of the most important pieces of Native American portraiture of the late 19th and early 20th century. These photographs, Rinehart and Muhr's 1900 work at Crow Agency , Montana, in particular, is of great value to researchers, historians, and tribal people alike due to their candid nature and their representation of Native Americans of the time as diverse people encompassing hundreds of unique cultures spanning the continent.

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The Indian Leader Archive

Haskell's student newspaper, The Indian Leader, is the oldest continually published Native American student newspaper in the world. This page serves as a repository for issues of The Indian Leader dating from its first publication in 1896 until 2002 with the hope that it will prove itself a valuable tool for researchers and Haskell alumni alike.

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