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The Haskell Cultural Center & Museum is located at 2411 Barker Ave., on the campus of Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas.

Parking for visitors is available in the large parking lot on the south side of our building. To schedule a campus tour, please reach out to the Office of Admissions at


Please note that all tours are self-guided, but staff is always available and happy to answer any questions.

Visitor Rules

We have a few simple rules that we ask all visitors to adhere to. These rules are to ensure a pleasant experience for all visitors and to ensure the safety of our guests, employees, and collections.


You can take photos and videos in the permanent collections if they are for personal use. However, you are not allowed to use selfie sticks, flash or lighting.

In the temporary exhibition galleries, it may be prohibited to take photos or videos of certain works.

Respect the Exhibits

To ensure the safety of the artworks and other visitors, in the exhibition rooms you are not allowed to:

  • Drink;

  • Eat;

  • Smoke;

  • Make a lot of noise;

  • Touch the exhibits;

  • Run, jump, any other disruptive behavior.


Prohibited Items

  • all categories of weapons and ammunition

  • tools, in particular craft knives, screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, pliers and clippers

  • all blunt objects (self-defense batons, baseball bats)

  • any excessively heavy, cumbersome, or foul-smelling item

  • any explosive, flammable or volatile substance

  • aerosol generators (dyes, paints and lacquers) containing substances likely to damage artworks, buildings and/or security equipment.

  • any item generating incapacitating or neutralizing products, or electrical weapon used to neutralize individuals.

  • any artwork or antique

  • excessive quantities of food or drink as determined by inspecting officers at the entrance to the reception areas.

  • all animals, with the exception of guide dogs or assistance dogs.

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